How to make cheaper 3D glasses at home?

Do you need a pair of 3D glass of your own? IF your answer is yes! If you are fond of watching movies the answer is of course yes. Watching a movie is always awesome and if its 3D the fun is doubled. Even YouTube the popular video sharing site is offering 3D and you can experience the fun of 3D sitting in your couch at home. Only thing you need is a pair of glass. Nowadays you get a pair of 3D glasses at less than a dollar but what if you want to watch a video on 3D right now?

Making 3D glasses at home.

It’s pretty simple make a pair for yourself. You don’t need to be an expert to know how to make cheap 3d glasses or require expensive materials to build one. In less than an hour you can build a pair of 3D glasses for yourself in very cheaper way. For building a glass at home you will need a spare CD jewel case and some permanent marker pens (red and blue). What you need to do is color the transparent side of the jewel case with the permanent marker. You will need to color red color on the left side of the case and blue color on the right side. Regarding the size of the color mark you can make it fair enough to fit your eye.

Link : 3D glasses

Alternatively You can color your transparent (watercolor) specs with the marker, red color on the left and blue color on the right side. You can use your old glasses for this.
If you have a stylish glass you can replace the colored glasses with colored plastics red and blue on left and right respectively. In this way you can make your own 3D glasses at home at a very cheaper rate.

Here is a video on YouTube which describes how to build a cheaper 3D glasses using things around home.

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  1. Sasikumar Krishnan

    Interesting post. will try to make one in my home. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Kamal Pandey

      Sure its much fun! You can use it to view 3D video clips on you tube also.
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