How to find the themes and plugin used by any word press blog

Bloggers always tent to follow the steps of the successful bloggers. Its by nature a habit to man to see others and try to achieve better. Thus bloggers try to find the plugins and themes used by top of the category and implement them in their site for best optimization. In a sense it is good to follow the top of the race and put some creativity to reach the position. A good implementation of plugins and techniques can give us a lot of benefits and get maximum out of word press.

Proper use of fast and well documented themes are part of SEO optimization. You can find lots of free themes and plugins from There are lot of sites which offer premium eye catching word press themes and plugins like themify, Elegant themes, Theme Forrest,  Mojo Themes and Theme Fuse.

In this hack I will be discussing how to find the themes and plugin used by any word press blog which you want to know about.

How to find out what word press theme / plugins a site is using

Simply go to the word press site or blog you want to look up the plugins and right click with your mouse and click on inspect elements.

Inspect element

Press Ctrl+f to display search bar where you need to type plugin to find the plugin used and theme if you want to find the theme used.

inspect element fields

This method also highlights the place where the plugin is used so you can also determine how the particular  plugin is used.

There is another method not very different but a simple twist. In this method you need to follow the method as above but instead of Inspect element you need to click on View page source then the process is same. Search plugins or themes in the search bar by pressing Ctrl+f .

find the themes and plugins your favorite blogger is using and make your site beautiful and more interactive. in the mean time don’t forget to share what plugins you use and how its helping in making your site more interactive.

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