Display first 20 natural numbers in c program

C programming application -first 20 natural numbers
In this tutorial I will guide you to developing a program to display first 20 natural numbers  in c program. This application doesn’t accept input from the user instead uses a self declared integer i.e int i then uses for loop to compute all the numbers till 20...
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Calculate the sum of first n natural numbers

This is a simple c program application developed to calculate the sum of natural numbers entered by the user. For just a simple info natural number is a number starting from 1 to infinite. 0 is not included in natural number. In this application we will be accepting...
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Number divisible by both 7 and 13

division by 7 and 13
Here we are developing a simple code to calculate if the number entered by the user is divisible by two numbers simultaneously by 7 and 13. Editing the code you can test the divisibility by any number. The application asks user to enter a number in the form...
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Prime number calculator c progrmming

Prime number
Prime number is a number which is divisible either by 1 or itself only. some of the examples of prime number are 2, 3,5,7,11 and so on. It easy to determine if the number is prime number for small numbers but as the value increases the task seems...
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Even or odd

Calculate even or odd
Even or odd it is a pretty simple question. Yes! if the number is divisible by 2 its even else its odd. this is the theory or conceptual part now lets program it. I will be show you in real by coding how the application to calculate even...
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Sum of all odd numbers from 1 to n

Sum of all odd numbers up to n
C program to print sum of n odd numbers using for loop . In this program I will be guiding you to developing a c program to generate od numbers between n number and display its sum. To find odd number a simple method is used, first a...
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Calculate the greater number among two numbers

Greater number calculation
Which number is greater? its pretty easy to find the greater number among two given numbers but lets do it using a simple c program. the program accepts will accept two numbers from the user then compare them to display the greater number to us. The print statement...
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Calculate the percentage of marks obtained

Do you want to calculate the percentage obtained in your exams? its easy . In the following steps we will be going through how to calculate the percentage marks simply entering the marks obtained in each subjects. In the application values of float data type are accepted namely...
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Find the area of a circle and its circumference

circle circumference and area
A C program application to calculate the area of circle and its circumference. the application accepts the radius of the desired circle from the user and then performs calculation then display the area of circle and its circumference. The area of a circle is π (Pi) times the...
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